Thursday, May 17, 2012

Waste Less, Grad!

Testing, Testing! Is this thing on?

The idea of this blog has been bouncing around in my mind for months now, so I figure I might as well put it out there.  Over the last year, I've felt convicted to try to reduce the amount of waste in my life.  I'll talk about the background of some of this in the future, but basically, I realized there's a lot of waste in my life.

I waste money.  I waste time.  I waste brain power. 

I waste plastic, paper, and other resources.  I waste energy.  I waste food. 

I'm tired of this trash, and I want to get rid of it.

My initial inspiration came from the book of Genesis, and the first task given to humanity, which was to care for the garden of Eden.  I've since been inspired by Miser Mom, The Zero Waste Home, my hermanita (unrelated and actually older than me), and countless others whom I've met and whose blogs I have read over the last year.

My goal is to have this blog be a way of sharing my journey towards less waste in my life.  The tone of my writing from now until August will probably be somewhat different than what will show up come September.  I'll be starting my five-to-seven-year journey towards a PhD this Autumn.  In pursuit of that goal, I'll be moving from my parents' suburban house, where I'm living for the summer, to an apartment in the big city.  I'm spending the summer preparing for the move and trying to convince my parents that I'm not insane.  In the Fall, I'll switch to dealing with waste in the city while trying to survive graduate school.  That, I hope, will be the primary function of my blog going forward.

So hello Blogosphere! Here I come!


  1. Hi! Best of luck on your journey :-D

    1. hello there! Thanks - hope you enjoy reading about it :)

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