Loose Leaf Tea in NYC

This is a subset/related page to the bulk shopping page - here are some places to buy good unpackaged tea.

Alice's Tea Cup, Chapter 1 (73rd and Columbus)
I've not bought their tea loose, but the selections I've had while there were very good (Grand Keemun and one of their greens). 

McNulty's Tea & Coffee Co. (Christopher St. between Hudson and Bleeker)
All they sell is tea & coffee (and some accessories) but they sell variety of both in bulk.  The inexpensive teas are decent - taste-wise they're similar to bagged tea, but for a fraction of the cost.  Golden Assam and Nilgiri are my favorites so far.  They also have some more expensive teas that I haven't bought yet, but are presumably higher quality.  The workers are also efficient and knowledgeable, which makes for a pleasant buying experience.

Physical Graffitea (St. Marks Place and 1st Ave)

I actually haven't purchased any tea here, and I'm still deciding if I ever will. The counter girl was extremely rude to my friends and I when we went to have tea there, so we just left.  Their yelp page seems to have polarized reviews depending on who's at the counter. 

For fancy and expensive bulk teas, this is a good place to shop.  I very much enjoy their Capital of Heaven Keemun, and my best friend loves their citrus teas.  They also sell pretty tins (unpackaged! but with a silicon/plastic seal), teapots/cups, and other accessories (plastic-wrapped).  Just...be prepared for some sticker shock and a 2oz minimum purchase per tea.  You can also get an individual serving of any tea, freshly prepared. 

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