Monday, July 30, 2012

My Blank Slate

Last week, T and I went to sign the lease on my new apartment and scout out the situation.  The verdict? Smaller than I anticipated, but this is doable. The living room has already been furnished by my roommate, so I'm in charge of the kitchen plus my own room.

The kitchen includes two small squares of counter-top space, a small stove/oven combo and a small refrigerator.  Plus a microwave and panini press that may belong to my roommate's subletter.   I've got plans for extra shelving, but I'm worried about the minimal counter space.  The lack of dishwasher doesn't bother me, except that a dish drainer will take up valuable counter space.  The refrigerator's size was pretty worrying, but my roommate says she rarely cooks and never uses the freezer, so it looks like it'll mostly be mine.

My room is small too, but only slightly smaller than the room I lived in last year, so I think I can make it work. 

I know this isn't a very content-heavy post, but I wanted to share my before pictures.  When I move in a few weeks from now, I'll post the afters.

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  1. A bit of advice from an older woman--don't leave the dish drainer out all the time. I dry the dishes then put the drainer away under the sink so I have the counter clear for food prep. This is especially important in kitchens with little to no counter space. Been there, done that. Good luck!