Monday, October 29, 2012

My setup for the next few days (thanks Sandy)

We're battening down the hatches here - the wind from Sandy started hitting the city last night, and the rain is supposed to ramp up today.  I've made myself a scholarly nest in my apartment, and don't plan on going into the office for at least today and probably tomorrow.

I've got textbooks to catch up on reading and hard copies of papers in the event that we lose power.  I'm trying to get ahead on my research now because it relies on computer programming, and my battery won't last more than a couple hours if I'm trying to run code. 


  1. Your alma mater CANCELLED CLASSES. That's how seriously people here are taking the storm. Too bad, because I was going to get to teach optimization in Calc and Isolated Points in Real Analysis. Instead, we're making the best of the situation and sitting all alone.

    1. There has been much rejoicing over that fact on Facebook. I was 95% positive that all classes were cancelled one day during Snowmageddon my sophomore year, but someone disagrees with me. Do you remember if they actually closed down then?

    2. I'm not sure I remember the entire campus closing within the past few years. It could have happened. I do remember that there have been many times when classes were held "at the discretion of the professor" (and I put on my snow boots and my discretion, and I held class). But I have NEVER seen the College close down two days in a row. Wow!!!