Monday, February 18, 2013

Unusual Heirlooms

My parents came to visit yesterday, and brought along a package for me from my Grandma.  It contained the following items, all of which originally belonged to my Grandpa, who passed away 3 weeks into my freshman year of college.

That's two safety razors, some blades, a brush, a styptic stick, what I think is shaving soap, and Grandpa's shaving mug.

I've been wanting to try shaving with a safety razor for a while.  I ran out of disposable razor heads in November, and stopped shaving as I typically do over the winter.  I kept meaning to find a safety razor for myself, but I never got around to ordering one online. I was nervous about choosing and buying one one, and then potentially having it work out poorly.

Enter the heirlooms.  I emailed my Dad to ask if he had a safety razor, and he asked my Grandma if she still had Grandpa's.  Turns out she'd been trying to find a new home for these, so now they're mine :)  I'm really glad to have them.  It adds a new excitement for testing out a safety razor.  I get to use something that belonged to my Grandpa, even if my use is slightly different than his.  I'm not sure what he would think, but I hope he'd be proud of me for saving money by reusing something he has no use for anymore. 

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