Thursday, April 18, 2013


I posted a couple months ago about waffling over joining a CSA.  After talking with a couple other women in my department and doing some research, I decided that I will be part of a CSA this summer.  It's not the one I thought I'd be part of - I chose a slightly more expensive one that supposedly has better quality food.  I also joined with a friend from church - so in the end I'm paying $12/week and I figure it will even out. 

The CSA I joined is run by the New York City Coalition Against Hunger.  They run several CSA sites around the city with sliding-scale membership fees based on household income.  I signed us up according to our combined stipends, which actually puts us at the top of 4 income categories.  They also offer a level for people buying shares with food stamps.

Part of the cost of membership is 4 hours of volunteer time.  I signed up to work two weeks of distribution, which will fulfill that.

The one thing that was disappointing about this CSA is that a half share means the full amount of food, delivered every other week.  You don't choose which set of weeks you're on - it's assigned by last name - and if you miss your week you can't just go the next week.  

That's actually why I scouted out a friend to split a share with.  In the end, I think it will be more fun to split with someone and share the experience.  And I think she's a better cook than me, so hopefully I'll get to learn from her too :)

Now when does my food get here?* ;)

*the first week of June. I'm just impatient ;)

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  1. For what it's worth, I've seen my own CSA evolving over the years. The first year I had it, they did things helpful to themselves but not always helpful to the veggie eaters (we had onions coming out of our ears!). But over the years, they've seemed to listen carefully to their consumers (consumers as in eaters, I mean), and things have gotten much more balanced and helpful. I wish the same with you and yours.

    And you're right that you, too, will learn to cook up a whole new set of recipes. Way to go, Waste-less!